Additional Goal

The secondary mission of the JEA is to make the public aware that the phrase "bridal jewelry" is politically incorrect.

Advertisements showing "bridal jewelry" and companies, who brand their jewelry as bridal, need to be shown why the term "bridal jewelry" is out-dated and how to rebrand so that they can continue to attract all those who identify as brides without being dismissive to those grooms, hetero or same sex, who have felt left out for 40 years. And it is simply not just "targeting" the two people involved; it includes the entire wedding party and any other individuals involved with the event who might want to be remembered or honored, that are being ignored, as well.

It's not just bridal jewelry anymore. Today, all wedding jewelry is simply that, "wedding jewelry" and should be marketed as such, with all the pride, professionalism and support that we, as jewelers, can provide.
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