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The LGBT community has had many Supporters, Allies, and Advocates that have helped it achieve different levels of equality over the last 40 years.

Every LGBT organization has their own subtle ways of defining these three groups of people. Here's how we define them at JEA:


This is your first active step towards getting involved. You've expressed the willingness to enroll in your own personal development and start your path to be inclusive.

Become a Supporter with your payment of $50 per year. You will receive our "Clarity Newsletter" and we'll start you off with our Clarity Webinar as your first step of your education.


An ally is someone who has passed JEA certification programs and is actively showing their support for the LGBT community. JEA Allies are also working with others in their local community to support LGBT issues and further awareness.


JEA Advocates include those businesses that have takes full steps to create a visibly inclusive shopping experience for same-sex couples. This includes employee training, general changes in marketing strategies, and modifications of in-store signage.

JEA Advocate have established a safe zone in their store, and their company policies will reflect it.
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