Matthew Perosi-Doughty, President

Our StaffMatthew is the Founder and President of the Jewelers Equality Alliance, Inc. He's well known in the jewelry industry for his 5-day per week Daily Golden Nugget blog and as the Chief Thinker of Sapphire Collaborative.

As a member of the LGBT community, Matthew goal with JEA is to help the jewelry industry understand how they can be fully inclusive of all LGBT members until the day when inclusiveness is second nature to us all.

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George Blair, IV, Vice President

George Blair IV George Blair IV is co-creator and creative director of Jewelers Equality Alliance. He has been in internet marketing for the jewelry industry since January of 2004, and a strong supporter of LGBT rights and equality since his childhood. He has great fascination with how LGBT rights and personalities are depicted in the media, and in society.

He resides in New Jersey, and is one of the owners of Sapphire Collaborative.

Jamie Perosi-Doughty, Treasurer

Jamie Perosi-DoughtyJamie Perosi-Doughty currently lives in Bordeaux, France where he is pursuing a PhD while working as an adjunct English professor. He has been actively involved in LGBT issues since high school where he, as president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, organized sensitivity training days for other high school students at his, and other schools.

Jamie has always been interested in history of minorities, including the LGBT community and women's history as well focusing on how members of these communities have had positive impacts in society.
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