Jewelry Manufacturers

The Jewelers Equality Alliance has a secondary mission to reeducate the entire jewelry industry regarding the word "bridal."

Are you a jewelry manufacturer that produces "bridal jewelry?"

If so, we have to talk. The jewelry industry uses the word "bridal" to represent all wedding jewelry, yet the word "bridal" specifically refers to the brides, not the grooms.

Wedding jewelry is just that, wedding jewelry. It's not "bridal" as so many people commonly refer to it. You, the jewelry manufacturer, need to make an effort to rename your lines of jewelry so the word "bridal" is no longer included in your phrasing.

This means a change in your marketing, training you give your employees, and how your company works with others in the jewelry industry.

Replacing the word "bridal" with "wedding jewelry" will slowly happen as awareness builds around the politically incorrectness of the word "bridal."

JEA will help you with the transition and show you why this is so important for same-sex couples, for your sales, and for retail jewelers. As retail jewelers strive to become more inclusive they will need to transition away from manufacturers who force them to use the word "bridal." Retail jewelers will run a very high risk of alienating their customer simply by saying "let's step over to our bridal case."

Help support the retail jewelers who carry your line and are striving to support the same-sex couples, rethink what you call your product lines and rework your marketing materials starting now.

The Jewelers Equality Alliance, Inc. is here to help you. Please read through our education programs and become a Supporter today.

You can also make a donation to further help us develop our education material.
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