Professional Development

Employees of supporting businesses can sign up for our continuing education and professional development courses. Certificates of completion are awarded to those who pass the final exams for each course.

Certificates of completion are non transferable.


JEA is currently preparing these professional development courses. As brand new a not-for-profit organization we are currently relying upon volunteer efforts to develop our course material and do not have an official availability date for any of these courses.

Professional development courses will be available to JEA Supporters, their owners, and their entire staff.

Please help launch these courses quickly by clicking here to make a donation.

The LGBT Customer - Introduction Class

An introductory class including sensitivity training and intro to terminology.

Community Outreach

How to identify local LGBT organizations to get involved with.

Inclusive Merchandising

Learn what vendors support same-sex marriage for your customers to choose from, and what brands you can rely on to have inclusive advertising media that you can expand upon for your clients. Access JEA's Top 10 jewelry manufacturers who are getting it right.

Media Visibility

How visibility in the media and pop culture that provides resonance for the LGBT community, and how representation has changed over time.

Improving the In-store Experience

Evaluating how your store caters, or fails to cater, to the LGBT market, including phrases and terms to include or avoid. This may include physical signage in your store, or on your website, and the way you communicate with someone when they walk in your door. This is a class specifically for owners and managers, and those who write the employee handbook for the store.

Continuing The Relationship

In this course you'll learn how selling wedding jewelry to same-sex couples isn't just about selling those wedding rings. Just like all your previous customers who have ever purchased their wedding rings, it's the start of a lifelong relationship between you and your LGBT customers. In this class you'll learn how to support them through a lifetime, and to cater to their unique needs.
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