Photorgaphy Grant - "Memories Made Here"

As a public benefit to the LGBT community, the Jewelers Equality Alliance is establishing a photography grant to subsidize the hiring a professional photographer.

Finding a wedding photographer is challenging, and finding one to photograph a same-sex wedding has been quite tricky in the last few years.

JEA will assist local jewelers in identifying local wedding photographers who are truly inclusive.

While this grant is a public benefit, the money used must also benefit our not-for-profit organization in some way. Thus, the underlying purpose of this grant is to provide JEA the rights to the photos so they can then become part of a library of marketing material available to all inclusive jewelers.

JEA expects to build a library of all types of wedding day couples, including different religious ceremonies, race, and even different presentations of wedding day wardrobe combinations.

Please note: Although we've provided details of this grant, it will not officially be offered until JEA has the financial support through donations to turn this into a reality.

We need your support, please donate today.

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