List of Gay Lexicon

Within the LGBT community there's a long list of words and phrases that carry important meaning, distinction, and bad connotations.

You might be unaware of the proper lexicon usage when referring to the LGBT community, but now that you are here we know you have a willingness to learn what words need to be avoided and the proper use of others.

Important note for the LGBT community reading this website: We've chosen to use some words and phrases on the public side of the site because we understand the misuse of words, and that people will search Google for those words. This is our way of attracting those who will benefit from the education we provide.

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Let's go over some of the phrases you've already seen on this website...


The letters L.G.B.T. are used to represent the all inclusive Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Within that community there are many subsets to represent how individual people personally identify themselves. Although the word "gay" is often used to refer to the entire community, it's more appropriate to limit that word's usage when referring to gay men. It's also acceptable to use the word gay when referring to a group of gay men and lesbians, although, if you are referring to lesbians along then it's more appropriate to simply say lesbians rather than "gay women."

Since he LGBT community includes more than just gay men and lesbians, it's more appropriate to use LGBT wherever you are not specifically referring t one subset of the community.

Other letters are routinely assigned to this acronym and include Q frequently associated with Questioning (those who are coming to terms with their identity and not sure where they fall in those categories, if any), I, for Intersex (which represents individuals who through chromosomal and physical characteristics, due not necessarily identify as male or female). Still other letters and terminology is used to represent others; for some individuals, the umbrella term "queer" is preferable. As ever, it is important to note identity is highly personal, and many people also avoid the use of the acronym in hopes to draw attention to the individual groups of people, rather than forcing them all together int o1 group.


We use this word a few times to refer to the typical couple that jewelers have been servicing forever. You know, the opposite-sex couples.

We might say things like "traditional customer" or "traditional couples" as a way to help you understand the difference between what was then and how it's different now.

Our goal is to completely do away with words like this. Eventually society will just refer to all couples as just couples.

Same-Sex Couples

We'd rather just say "couples" and drop the "same-sex" part, but we know it will be a while before society is fully inclusive and doesn't care who your better half is.

Same-Sex Marriage & Same-Sex Wedding

Let's do away with the need for the phrase "same-sex." Marriage equality means that you don't have to specify the difference between a gay wedding and a straight wedding, they are just weddings.

However, throughout all of our writing and education we intentionally use these phrases to help you better understand what we're teaching you.

Our goal is that you won't every use the phrase "same-sex" when having a conversations with a member of the LGBT community. This would be a great way to illustrate that their LGBT status is a non-issue for you.

Members of the Jewelry Trade Press:
Please download this handy reference showing the correct ways to use LGBT lexicon in your editorials. It is an except from the 2014 GLAAD Media Reference Guide. Click Here

For the full list of additional terms not mentioned above you should visit the GLAAD Media Reference here.
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